This course will prepare online students to employ skills needed in online coursework and the workplace. The course is presented in two semesters.

Semester 1 describes an overview of basic personal, professional, and self-management skills, including setting goals, professional communication skills, and time management and stress management techniques.

Semester 2 focuses on ways to improve study habits, to increase one’s memory and motivation, and to strengthen decision making and problem-solving skills.

1 Credit

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Semester 1

  • Pretest
  • Understanding Self-Esteem
  • Setting Goals
  • Learning Styles
  • Professional Uses of Technology
  • Security in Technology
  • 21st Century Written Business Communication
  • Time Management Overview
  • Stress Management Overview
  • Anger Management Overview
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Communication and Diversity
  • Communication in the Workplace
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness Overview
  • Ethical Behavior
  • End of Semester Exam

Semester 2

  • Pretest
  • Basics of Note-Taking
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Understanding and Improving Study Habits
  • Memory Techniques
  • Test-Taking Skills
  • Effective Environments for Learning
  • Distractions and Deterrents of Educational Success
  • What is Motivation?
  • Self-Motivation
  • Trust and Motivation
  • Change as a Motivator
  • Embracing Change
  • Critical Thinking Basics
  • Problem Solving Model
  • Decision Making
  • Improving Decision Making
  • End of Semester Exam
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